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Warehouse platforms – 3 benefits that you will get from them

Effective warehouse management does not only consist of processes. Its efficiency is also influenced by the optimal use of the space intended for the storage of many groups of goods. The warehouse can be expanded with the use of platforms in order to increase profits without the need to interfere with the structure of the entire building.

Universal solution for all groups of goods

On the storage platforms, you can store general cargo, heavier devices, products that require further segregation, and longer building materials. A bridge is a temporary or permanent addition to the warehouse, often appearing in urgent cases, and due to the simplicity of implementation, the investor does not incur high costs. Warehouse platforms communicate well with other order picking areas and do not interfere with the movement of forklifts.

Personalized designs better suited to the processes occurring in the warehouse

Warehouse ditch manufacturers provide customers with many options to personalize their order. What extras to consider? It is worth considering the dimensions adapted to the processes occurring in the warehouse, the connection of the platform with other storage systems, the type of floor, security and access control methods.

A platform on the pier, i.e. further expansion

If one storage platform is fully developed, another one can be introduced until the space is exhausted. Some structures are moved ad hoc from warehouse to warehouse due to easy disassembly. An important advantage is also a large base span. The platforms in the warehouse provide quick access to goods and are distinguished by one of the highest price-quality ratios on the market.

Summary of the benefits for warehouse management

Platforms are an opportunity to quickly expand the warehouse space, partly vertically and horizontally, with the only limitation in the form of the size of the property. Durability, quick movement of employees, adaptation to most procedures in the warehouse and modular expansion are the most important advantages of the solution. Before ordering, visualizations or consultations with an experienced designer will be useful.

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FIFO storage – what is it? How to prepare a warehouse?

FIFO storage is one of the most popular methods of storing goods in warehouses. It guarantees the natural flow of goods and works in places characterized by a high pace of management. It is a simple and logical concept for the simplest storage.

What is FIFO storage?

The principle of FIFO storage is simple – the first goods leave the warehouse first. Thanks to this, they do not linger, which is of great importance in the case of products with a specific expiry date. The continuous flow of loads guarantees their non-retention.

How to prepare a warehouse?

The simplest and most effective method of storage is row storage with the use of cantilever or pallet racks. The construction of cantilever racks (brackets attached to the poles) allows for the storage of loads of significant lengths (e.g. pipes). Pallet racks are more versatile and suitable for the storage of all kinds of goods. Cantilever and pallet racks are placed in rows, keeping the appropriate distance between them. This arrangement allows free passage between the racks and unhindered access to the goods, also in the case of forklifts. Row storage is definitely more ergonomic than block storage – it does not require moving loads to gain access to specific goods.

Advantages and disadvantages of FIFO storage

The unquestionable advantage is the continuous flow of inventories, which not only minimizes the risk of losses and waste, but also facilitates settlements. Thanks to this method, it is easy to estimate the real market value of the commodity. The goods in stock have entered the warehouse relatively recently.

FIFO storage also has its drawbacks. It can lead to a bias in income tax calculations as it does not account for differences in inventory prices and factors such as inflation. For an entrepreneur, this may mean showing higher profits than they really are. Temporary price increases generate income losses.

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Challenges of warehouse management in 2022

The end and beginning of the new year is a great time to create forecasts for various sectors of the economy. In 2021, the warehouse management grew to levels unheard of in history, and investors, even in a difficult pandemic period, made money on decisions to expand the usable space for storage.

What are the challenges facing the warehouse economy in 2022?

It can be assumed with high probability that the demand for new warehouse space will not fall, but due to higher interest rates some investors will face more difficult choices regarding the location of new warehouses. In 2022, city logistics, quick access to consumers, and automation will become more important. In recent years, consumers have moved heavily to the e-commerce sector and started shopping for basic products in online stores. This forces the warehouse economy to diversify and expand the storage space for various groups of the assortment. Producers of modular warehouse equipment will benefit.

What factors may affect the warehouse management in 2022?

pressure to raise interest rates, thus increasing the cost of crediting investments,

the need to secure the supply chain (paradigm shift from global to local producers),

higher costs of employment and running a business by “Nowy Lad”,

pressure from the EU environmental policy (FIT 55),

high inflation that is already approaching 9% in January 2022. High inflation can significantly lower the demand for products over time, which is a big problem for the warehouse management.

Investments pay off in just a few years

Warehouse market reports make it clear that this sector has been the least affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. E-commerce services will drive the warehouse economy even more in 2022. Distribution centers compete with delivery times. Location close to cities and larger agglomerations will probably become the key to commercial success.

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Warehouse modernization – why is it worth choosing mobile shelves?

One of the main goals of the warehouse modernization is to increase the efficiency of storage and to improve the speed of transporting goods necessary for order picking. Why is it worth choosing mobile shelves when modernizing your warehouse?

Why the modernization of storage space?

Mobile or sliding racks are distinguished by a simple system of moving on rails. Such shelves work best during periods of increased, seasonal traffic. The modular design allows the system to be adjusted along with the development of the entire warehouse. The flexibility of adapting to the needs is one of the most important advantages of mobile shelving. Sliding racks can be used to store light, but also unusual and heavy goods. In many cases, such shelves facilitate access to larger collections and allow for more efficient segregation of the assortment. Moving the racks reduces the communication paths in the warehouse and thus maximizes the use of limited space.

Where is the mobile rack best?

Sliding racks are a perfect solution for cold stores, shops, archives, libraries, but also larger wholesalers, where better adjustment to seasonal fluctuations is required. Rails in mobile racks are protected against corrosion. As a result, they withstand high operational loads. A good drive allows the racks to be mixed even by a person with little strength. Most systems also have safeguards to prevent accidents.

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How to prepare a warehouse to ensure comfort for forklift operators?

The comfort of the forklift operator is influenced by the quality of the forklift itself, but also by the arrangement of the warehouse equipment, which does not cause additional downtime and does not limit visibility. Pursuant to EU directives, employers must control the risk of a forklift operator’s work and focus on depreciation, efficiency, and regular inspections of racks.

Adaptation of the forklift and access technique to the assortment in the warehouse

One of the basic steps to increase the operator’s comfort is the individual adjustment of the cabin, including reducing the vibration of the seat, proper positioning of the floor, armrests, and placement of supporting accessories. Better trucks use driving assistance systems that eliminate the risk of skidding, warning lights or even bars that protect the worker against accidental fall of heavy goods. Pallet racks are set up in such a way that the trolley has no problems with access and access to the assortment. In case of difficulties, you can extend the vehicle with adjustable forks or invest in a reach truck, depending on the type of warehouse management.

Common accidents at the work of a forklift operator and control assumptions

Most accidents at an operator’s work, based on data from the Central Institute for Labor Protection, occur due to errors in the construction of a forklift, structural defects of racks and external factors, usually random. This ineffective control and neglect of security measures cause the greatest risk, and thus actually reduce the comfort of work. The warehouse must not allow people to be lifted on the forks, the forks to catch on protruding elements of the pallet racks and collisions with other storage devices. Therefore, the operator is expected to constantly concentrate and check the environment in which he performs his duties. This is ultimately the foundation of comfort.


The comfort of a forklift operator is an important variable for the efficiency of warehouse management, and at the same time a highly problematic area that requires constant control, not only of the employer, but the operator and co-workers.

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Cantilever storage racks – gain more flexibility when storing goods

Racks are the basic equipment of a warehouse. When organizing storage space, it is worth analyzing their various types so that they are the most  suitable for nature of the stored goods and facilitate order picking. Cantilever racks are useful for handling an assortment of unusual dimensions and are perfect not only for closed but also open warehouses.

Flexible storage of longer and oversized items

Cantilever storage racks are used to store large-size products without the risk of damage. Most often they include wooden boards, building materials, and plastics. Important advantages of investing in cantilever racks include the possibility of expanding with new modules in the future, as well as vertical development. To facilitate access, equip workers with lifting devices.

Limited space is not a problem thanks to personalized orders from the manufacturer

Cantilever racks partially solve the problem of limited space due to the design that allows goods to be stored on both sides of the columns. Workers should distribute goods in accordance with the principle of sustainable workload. Thanks to this, the structure will not overturn. Manufacturers of warehouse racks carry out personalized orders tailored to the investor’s premises. This greatly facilitates the organization of the storage of oversized materials.

Light or heavy structures with stacking of goods

Cantilever racks are available in heavy and light versions. In many cases, with such a system, goods are stacked on top of each other to maximize storage space. The levels in the racks are adjustable.

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Inspection of warehouse racks – check the technical condition of racks before the end of the year

Safe warehouse management reduces losses resulting from damage to goods, and at the same time improves the comfort of employees’ duties. For this reason, it is worth considering an inspection of the storage racks before the end of the year. Why is rack inspection not only a legal obligation, but also an important service affecting the warehouse economy?

What can the inspection show?

The expert inspection of the racks shows the entrepreneur whether it does not violate the load capacity of the structure beyond the manufacturer’s indications and whether the warehouse has properly marked paths for forklifts and employees. If the rack load is regularly exceeded, the equipment may be damaged or some elements may collapse – damaged racks pose a real threat to employees.

How to organize reviews?

The warehouse owner should appoint an employee responsible for the ongoing control of the storage systems. Mandatory inspections of warehouse racks are carried out once every 12 months, although it is worth making a detailed inspection more often, for instance once every six months.

Summary of the advantages of expert rack inspections

elimination of downtime caused by damage to warehouse systems,

complementing the legal standards for warehouse management,

reduction of losses resulting from damage to goods,

greater staff safety.

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Picking orders in the warehouse – how to improve it?

Picking orders in the warehouse directly affects customer satisfaction. How to improve this process and eliminate mistakes?

Computerization and automation of the warehouse means fewer errors in all processes

The basic tool is the WMS system that collects and analyzes data in real time. Most of the WMS systems available on the market are connected with other applications, which enables the automation of order picking right after the notification is displayed in the panel. The software collects statistics that show the frequency of certain orders over time. This is an important tip for the warehouse owner, as some products can be stored close to each other and thus fulfill orders faster. The entire process is also helped by spacious storage racks with appropriately designated communication paths.

It is not about improving just one process, but all of them

Manual picking in warehouses is replaced by an automated approach, which is much cheaper in the long term, because it does not depend on the constantly rising costs of employment. Automation also excludes errors resulting from routine or periodic performance drops. The picking of orders in the warehouse is actually influenced by all processes, the distribution of storage, communication paths, and the tools used.

Smaller warehouses should put some emphasis on control

When executing smaller orders, the uniform numbering of goods and cooperation between the packing, storage and picking departments prove to be effective. Each employee can control the work of a co-worker and to a large extent reduce errors in the execution of the order for the client. All shipments should go through a control panel or similar.

At the end

Properly selected warehouse racks, an accurate WMS system and control during order fulfillment are the most important tools to increase the efficiency of business.

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The greatest difficulties of warehouses in Poland

The warehouse market is growing and developers have announced the construction of over 3 million sq m. new storage space for various assortment groups in the coming year. Even international corporations focus on warehouses that are the most neighboring with their recipients. In Poland, the demand for warehouses exceeds the supply, which is a certain optimization problem.

How to fight with limited space in the warehouse?

The greatest difficulty in running warehouses in Poland is the struggle with limited space. The solution to the problem is usually warehouse mezzanines and the expansion of the vertical space, without the need for general renovation of the entire building. Warehouse platforms with an elevator and stairs that can withstand heavy loads are an opportunity to increase the efficiency of warehouse management.

Investments in the warehouse market dominated by the largest corporations

Investments in the warehouse market have been dominated in the last year by large concerns and the logistics, trade and e-commerce sectors. Currently, warehouses are under pressure to partially break the supply chains, and renting storage space costs a lot in the largest agglomerations.

Increase in labor costs and changes in consumer habits

Big problems concern the increase in labor costs in warehouses. The tax wedge on the employment contract and the mandate contract is approaching the average, or even European leaders. The closing of the economy also partially changed the habits of consumers. The warehouses also handle complaints, returns and must use damaged or expired products in such a way as not to disturb the efficiency of the core business. Investments in computerization and process automation solve most of the difficulties.

At the end

The warehouse market is ruled by the largest corporations, and operating close to consumers becomes the main factor of success. More and more investments involve the use of storage platforms that enable vertical, not only horizontal, development. It is a convenient solution that more and more entities are choosing.

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WMS system – improved flexibility and measurable benefits for the warehouse

WMS system, i.e. improved flexibility and measurable benefits for the warehouse

WMS is a system designed for effective management of the receipt, storage and issuing of goods. Automated and software-controlled movement of products in the warehouse translates into higher profits.

What problems does the WMS system solve for entrepreneurs in warehouse management?

First of all, it significantly reduces the occurrence of human error when creating labels, receiving products, and settlements. The system shows the moment of receipt and movement of goods. The software detects space blockages and improves warehouse space consumption. Managers appreciate WMS for its reporting function in terms of key performance factors.

Choice of warehouse management software

The WMS system is not universal, but rather created for the needs of a specific company. Consultants related to the implementation of software for warehouse management first analyze the main needs and then propose personalized solutions, which allows you to gain a competitive advantage without incurring unnecessary costs. The entrepreneur decides to expand the software as the business grows.

Full integration with various business applications

The app updates in real time and integrates seamlessly with customer relationship management software, but more. Most WMS systems allow you to receive e-mails directly, make current settlements, and plan tasks. The WMS system is best suited to managing the flow of goods both in a production plant and in a warehouse.

Automation protects the image

Errors in completing orders mean not only financial losses, but even image losses when conducting sales on a more mass scale.

WMS makes it easier to accept and search for goods under the order, but it is also suitable for reporting and quick planning of tasks. Computerization of the warehouse frees up many resources of the company, including the time previously devoted to purely administrative matters.