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Inspection of warehouse racks – check the technical condition of racks before the end of the year

Safe warehouse management reduces losses resulting from damage to goods, and at the same time improves the comfort of employees’ duties. For this reason, it is worth considering an inspection of the storage racks before the end of the year. Why is rack inspection not only a legal obligation, but also an important service affecting the warehouse economy?

What can the inspection show?

The expert inspection of the racks shows the entrepreneur whether it does not violate the load capacity of the structure beyond the manufacturer’s indications and whether the warehouse has properly marked paths for forklifts and employees. If the rack load is regularly exceeded, the equipment may be damaged or some elements may collapse – damaged racks pose a real threat to employees.

How to organize reviews?

The warehouse owner should appoint an employee responsible for the ongoing control of the storage systems. Mandatory inspections of warehouse racks are carried out once every 12 months, although it is worth making a detailed inspection more often, for instance once every six months.

Summary of the advantages of expert rack inspections

elimination of downtime caused by damage to warehouse systems,

complementing the legal standards for warehouse management,

reduction of losses resulting from damage to goods,

greater staff safety.