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Picking orders in the warehouse – how to improve it?

Picking orders in the warehouse directly affects customer satisfaction. How to improve this process and eliminate mistakes?

Computerization and automation of the warehouse means fewer errors in all processes

The basic tool is the WMS system that collects and analyzes data in real time. Most of the WMS systems available on the market are connected with other applications, which enables the automation of order picking right after the notification is displayed in the panel. The software collects statistics that show the frequency of certain orders over time. This is an important tip for the warehouse owner, as some products can be stored close to each other and thus fulfill orders faster. The entire process is also helped by spacious storage racks with appropriately designated communication paths.

It is not about improving just one process, but all of them

Manual picking in warehouses is replaced by an automated approach, which is much cheaper in the long term, because it does not depend on the constantly rising costs of employment. Automation also excludes errors resulting from routine or periodic performance drops. The picking of orders in the warehouse is actually influenced by all processes, the distribution of storage, communication paths, and the tools used.

Smaller warehouses should put some emphasis on control

When executing smaller orders, the uniform numbering of goods and cooperation between the packing, storage and picking departments prove to be effective. Each employee can control the work of a co-worker and to a large extent reduce errors in the execution of the order for the client. All shipments should go through a control panel or similar.

At the end

Properly selected warehouse racks, an accurate WMS system and control during order fulfillment are the most important tools to increase the efficiency of business.