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How to prepare a warehouse to ensure comfort for forklift operators?

The comfort of the forklift operator is influenced by the quality of the forklift itself, but also by the arrangement of the warehouse equipment, which does not cause additional downtime and does not limit visibility. Pursuant to EU directives, employers must control the risk of a forklift operator’s work and focus on depreciation, efficiency, and regular inspections of racks.

Adaptation of the forklift and access technique to the assortment in the warehouse

One of the basic steps to increase the operator’s comfort is the individual adjustment of the cabin, including reducing the vibration of the seat, proper positioning of the floor, armrests, and placement of supporting accessories. Better trucks use driving assistance systems that eliminate the risk of skidding, warning lights or even bars that protect the worker against accidental fall of heavy goods. Pallet racks are set up in such a way that the trolley has no problems with access and access to the assortment. In case of difficulties, you can extend the vehicle with adjustable forks or invest in a reach truck, depending on the type of warehouse management.

Common accidents at the work of a forklift operator and control assumptions

Most accidents at an operator’s work, based on data from the Central Institute for Labor Protection, occur due to errors in the construction of a forklift, structural defects of racks and external factors, usually random. This ineffective control and neglect of security measures cause the greatest risk, and thus actually reduce the comfort of work. The warehouse must not allow people to be lifted on the forks, the forks to catch on protruding elements of the pallet racks and collisions with other storage devices. Therefore, the operator is expected to constantly concentrate and check the environment in which he performs his duties. This is ultimately the foundation of comfort.


The comfort of a forklift operator is an important variable for the efficiency of warehouse management, and at the same time a highly problematic area that requires constant control, not only of the employer, but the operator and co-workers.