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Cantilever storage racks – gain more flexibility when storing goods

Racks are the basic equipment of a warehouse. When organizing storage space, it is worth analyzing their various types so that they are the most  suitable for nature of the stored goods and facilitate order picking. Cantilever racks are useful for handling an assortment of unusual dimensions and are perfect not only for closed but also open warehouses.

Flexible storage of longer and oversized items

Cantilever storage racks are used to store large-size products without the risk of damage. Most often they include wooden boards, building materials, and plastics. Important advantages of investing in cantilever racks include the possibility of expanding with new modules in the future, as well as vertical development. To facilitate access, equip workers with lifting devices.

Limited space is not a problem thanks to personalized orders from the manufacturer

Cantilever racks partially solve the problem of limited space due to the design that allows goods to be stored on both sides of the columns. Workers should distribute goods in accordance with the principle of sustainable workload. Thanks to this, the structure will not overturn. Manufacturers of warehouse racks carry out personalized orders tailored to the investor’s premises. This greatly facilitates the organization of the storage of oversized materials.

Light or heavy structures with stacking of goods

Cantilever racks are available in heavy and light versions. In many cases, with such a system, goods are stacked on top of each other to maximize storage space. The levels in the racks are adjustable.