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Warehouse modernization – why is it worth choosing mobile shelves?

One of the main goals of the warehouse modernization is to increase the efficiency of storage and to improve the speed of transporting goods necessary for order picking. Why is it worth choosing mobile shelves when modernizing your warehouse?

Why the modernization of storage space?

Mobile or sliding racks are distinguished by a simple system of moving on rails. Such shelves work best during periods of increased, seasonal traffic. The modular design allows the system to be adjusted along with the development of the entire warehouse. The flexibility of adapting to the needs is one of the most important advantages of mobile shelving. Sliding racks can be used to store light, but also unusual and heavy goods. In many cases, such shelves facilitate access to larger collections and allow for more efficient segregation of the assortment. Moving the racks reduces the communication paths in the warehouse and thus maximizes the use of limited space.

Where is the mobile rack best?

Sliding racks are a perfect solution for cold stores, shops, archives, libraries, but also larger wholesalers, where better adjustment to seasonal fluctuations is required. Rails in mobile racks are protected against corrosion. As a result, they withstand high operational loads. A good drive allows the racks to be mixed even by a person with little strength. Most systems also have safeguards to prevent accidents.