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The greatest difficulties of warehouses in Poland

The warehouse market is growing and developers have announced the construction of over 3 million sq m. new storage space for various assortment groups in the coming year. Even international corporations focus on warehouses that are the most neighboring with their recipients. In Poland, the demand for warehouses exceeds the supply, which is a certain optimization problem.

How to fight with limited space in the warehouse?

The greatest difficulty in running warehouses in Poland is the struggle with limited space. The solution to the problem is usually warehouse mezzanines and the expansion of the vertical space, without the need for general renovation of the entire building. Warehouse platforms with an elevator and stairs that can withstand heavy loads are an opportunity to increase the efficiency of warehouse management.

Investments in the warehouse market dominated by the largest corporations

Investments in the warehouse market have been dominated in the last year by large concerns and the logistics, trade and e-commerce sectors. Currently, warehouses are under pressure to partially break the supply chains, and renting storage space costs a lot in the largest agglomerations.

Increase in labor costs and changes in consumer habits

Big problems concern the increase in labor costs in warehouses. The tax wedge on the employment contract and the mandate contract is approaching the average, or even European leaders. The closing of the economy also partially changed the habits of consumers. The warehouses also handle complaints, returns and must use damaged or expired products in such a way as not to disturb the efficiency of the core business. Investments in computerization and process automation solve most of the difficulties.

At the end

The warehouse market is ruled by the largest corporations, and operating close to consumers becomes the main factor of success. More and more investments involve the use of storage platforms that enable vertical, not only horizontal, development. It is a convenient solution that more and more entities are choosing.