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Industrial Floorings Part 2

As the flooring is used, the damage to the top layer of the finish is revealed which is not only the result of being made incorrectly, but is also the result of the missing specification of some parameters at the design stage. The Most Common Damage As far as surface hardened industrial floorings are concerned, […]

Industrial Floorings Part 1

I. Types of Floorings The definition of the flooring is specified in PN- -EN 13318 Standard [1], which introduces definitions for floor screeds. According to the standard, the flooring is the top, usable floor layer. It should be understood as the surface of the structural system on which pedestrian traffic and the movement of vehicles […]

Work at height– HSE Requirements

I. Work at height – Definition Work at a height relates to the work done on the surface at the height of at least 1.0 m above the floor or ground.. Work at height does not include any work delivered on the surface, regardless of the height, if this surface: – Is covered from all […]

Training Regarding Racking Inspection

The previous newsletter covered the subject related to racking inspection and today we will focus on knowledge and skills required from warehouse personnel to conduct the inspection in proper manner. Again as a starting point for the discussion will be regulations, namely references to PN-EN 15635:2010 Standard which provides the following information: 8.1.3 Training Operators […]

Warehouse Operation Management – Rules

Pursuant to the Regulation the Minister of Labour and Social Policy as of 26 September 1997  on general provisions of occupational safety and health as amended, the employer is responsible for occupational health and safety, in particular prevention of hazards related to provided work, work management, precautions, as well as provision of information and training […]

How to Perform Racking Inspection?

In 2018 ten years passed since introduction of PN-EN 15635 Standard on application and maintenance of storage equipment. This paper related to some significant issues crucial for safety during racking system operation from the perspective of inspector responsible for racking inspections. Today you do not have to remind employers or responsible services about the importance […]

Warehouse Mezzanine Erection– HSE Requirements

Mezzanine is a best solution to expand storage spaces. Mezzanine provides an additional structural floor that may be installed inside high warehouses to expand significantly storage spaces. This way you can also separate administration spaces from the production floor. What are the key features of mezzanine structure To answer this question we need to quote […]

Storage Equipment Collapse– Do’s and Don’ts?

Storage systems have been designed for use in warehouses. However to ensure long service life as well as total safety for users there are some limits to this performance. So what is recommended? Load capacity limits Unfortunately racking in many warehouses is exposed to load exceeding its loading capacity due to quantity of stored products […]

Office Racking– What to Choose?

When speaking about racking (that is quite often in fact), we most often mean the system dedicated for warehouse purposes. And there is nothing strange about it? Actually it is this place where we work or where our equipment is stored. But? How about other spaces where racking system may provide space-saving storage? How about […]

Professional Warehouse

The warehouse is crucial for business activity in many Companies. Warehouse smooth operation depends on its employees, installed equipment, as well as maintained records. So what is behind the professional warehouse? Top quality equipment Our focus is top quality. The equipment should ensure reliable operation for many years therefore cheap solutions will not bring desired […]