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Storage Equipment Collapse– Do’s and Don’ts?

Storage systems have been designed for use in warehouses. However to ensure long service life as well as total safety for users there are some limits to this performance. So what is recommended?

Load capacity limits

Unfortunately racking in many warehouses is exposed to load exceeding its loading capacity due to quantity of stored products and goods. It may be caused by the following reasons:

  • Absence of plates providing information regarding maximum permitted load. Actually it is the employer who in charge of such signage provided in visible manner.
  • Absence of spaces. In warehouses where spaces are limited and many products are on stock employees must be very creative to keep on with all operations. Therefore they place products one on other what results in racking excessive loading and other consequences for users.

How to avoid collisions

Accidental impacts generated by fork lift trucks may cause serious damages to the racking. At first sight such collisions seems not to be risky at all, as each racking features with robust structure. However impacts that follow every day (what is very common in warehouses), result in serious damages of structural components of racking. Very often narrow instead of operators aisles that make maneuvering very difficult may be blamed for this collisions. Therefore such issues shall be taken into account at design phase.

The key for each user is to consult professionals who possess experience and expertise is n this regard. Avoid building independence. Always engage reliable and proven professionals! Note that any modification of racking configuration may result in serious losses. Our highly qualified team of experts is looking forward to provide professional services.


With regard to professional services note that also inspection of racking shall be performed on regular basis and in professional manner by highly qualified and trained personnel. Regular inspections prevent situations that pose hazard for human life and health. Moreover such inspections prevent costly repairs and downtime what increases efficiency of equipment and insures Company smooth operation.

How about sharing your opinion and experience regarding proven methods that ensure safety during racking operation?