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Training Regarding Racking Inspection

The previous newsletter covered the subject related to racking inspection and today we will focus on knowledge and skills required from warehouse personnel to conduct the inspection in proper manner. Again as a starting point for the discussion will be regulations, namely references to PN-EN 15635:2010 Standard which provides the following information:

8.1.3 Training

Operators shall undergo training regarding operation of storage systems and equipment (see B.3).

B.3 Training

Users of storage equipment shall consult product manufacturer to determine procedures for safe operation and provide training for the whole personnel responsible for operation.

The following provision of this standard relates to further training provided for operators:

D.2.2.2 Prevent risk of recurring defect


To eliminate risk of accidental damage causing poor strength of storage system, the key is to reduce or prevent any recurring defect or damage. For this purpose good practice is useful, including:

– Provision of trainings for fork lift truck operators * (* author’s addition);

Moreover  according to requirements the user shall designate a person responsible for safety of storage systems. Such person shall be instructed regarding identification of system supplier to contact him and provide training required to keep systems in good repair and ensure occupational safety.

Also the respective racking system operation manual includes similar information regarding further trainings for personnel responsible for safety.

At present any racking supplied to the customer is accompanied with manuals including inspection reports. These reports facilitate provision of regular inspections, however persons in charge often do not possesses broad knowledge in this regard. Inspections shall be performed on regular basis (according to specified interval) and shall include some checks according to the requirements laid down in applicable regulations. Also classification of deviations is very important, as well as taking proper steps  to protect the work area until repairs are provided.

As a control inspector performing professional inspections I am obliged to check, if inspections were performed and identified deviations and damages were recorded. From my own experience I can say that despite eagerness and honest attempts of persons responsible for inspections, these reports very often showed inaccuracies and evident misconduct. Let me quote some very common mistakes that may be avoided, thanks to specialist training and preparation of a person in charge.


Improper assessment regarding an identified damage e.g. racking frame upright relates to two issues. The first one relates to measurement indicating necessary replacement and consequently yellow code to be used (yellow, red code), instead of green code that would be wrong in this case. In consequence replacement of component is necessary. In this way some employees are unknowingly exposed to the hazard. The second case relates to contrary situation, where a defective part has been classified for replacement. This will result in additional costs to be incurred by the employer.

Other oversight relates to some aspects connected to pallet management. Note that warehouse staff is obliged to report to a person responsible for occupational safety any defects and unapproved pallets that shall be put out of operation immediately.

Finally we need to mention an absence of locking pins securing racking beams. Each time during inspection any missing pins shall be installed to ensure total safety  and prevent system malfunctions.

Considering the above cases and being aware of the need regarding enhancement of competences, as well as increasing the awareness of warehouse personnel ZMS offers comprehensive training regarding performance of racking system inspections. Due to specific nature of this issue, the training includes subjects and fields that will allow participants to perform the inspection on unaided basis (supervised by instructor). To find out more about the training please contact ZMS.